We all know The Stokes’ guitarist Nick Valensi recently released the debut album New Skin with his new band CRX. I got a chance to catch them on their NYC stop of their tour over at Bowery Ballroom. “It’s good to be home!” Nick exclaimed as the packed crowd screamed at the sight of their guitar god turned frontman.

Nick mid set told a little story of how he used to frequent the Bowery, looking up at the bands that would take the stage. Even though he has conquered the world headlining festivals and stadiums with The Strokes, the sense of humility was genuine. He was visibly excited to be playing this venue and the entire band truly appreciated the love they received from everyone in the room song after song. He shined the light on each member of CRX and gave props to the opening bands Streets Of Laredo and The Gloomies. A class act through and through.

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