Death By Unga Bunga Lady Fondue Highlark


“Lady Fondue,” off of Death By Unga Bunga‘s latest studio album, Pineapple Pizza, begins with the perpetually alluring “I remember,” cluing us in the to reminiscing that’s about to come.

From there it spirals into an upbeat ode to the hot and sticky, a sunlit, sweaty memory of better years and better girls. Floating in a west coast nostalgia, it’s all pasty blues and tiki bar nights for the five-piece. (Or six- piece, if you count the sugary promise that is “Lady Fondue”). The last section of the song is reserved for jaunty instrumentals, and a vaguely Hawaiian guitar wail, mellow and inviting, brings the entire song together in a display of good, beach-y angst.

Death By Unga Bunga’s general essence does not scream Scandinavia, but the band does in fact hail from Norway, where they have forged themselves a solid presence on the indie rock scene.

Their style has stayed consistent throughout four studio albums, as has their reputation for unforgettable live shows. Despite an especially strong reception in Europe, the band has yet to win over the U.S. audience.
However, with their garage-rock identity, they are likely to become an object of affection to the increasing fanbase of bands like The Strokes, with whom DBUB shares a particular melodic ground.

Check out Death By Unga Bunga’s show at Manhattan’s Mercury Lounge Wednesday, March 23rd, (the only U.S. date currently scheduled), and be sure chance to experience their boppity chemistry firsthand.


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