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Fashion week has come and gone darlings but they still remain fashionably in our memory. I was lucky enough to see three separate collections on Tuesday night of New York Fashion Week featured by Nolcha Shows.

[divider]ACID NYC[/divider]

Nolcha Shows Acid NYC Highlark
Acid NYC

Acid NYC gave me vibes of a futuristic downtown art scene. Judy Jetson meets Andy Warhol. Body con dresses, textured jackets and exaggerated knit wear were among the looks featured. Blouses and pants brought pops of color to complete the outfits. The huge chunky knit wear were the standout items to me and would be fabulous for Fall 2016.

[divider]ALL COMES FROM NOTHING[/divider]

Nolcha Shows All Comes From Nothing Highlark
All Comes From Nothing

All Comes From Nothing made me want to volunteer as a tribute because it gave me shades of post-apocalyptic, The Hunger Games vibes. Blouses and tops all had interesting details, silhouettes and sleeves. Dresses and skirts were a little bit sexy and a little bit militant with dark greens and charcoal blacks. Jackets and coats also had a slight military influence in creamy greys with large lapels and broad shoulders and sleeves. I also loved the modern take on the cape which is perfect for layering when the weather gets nippy.

[divider]INTREPID BY AO’C[/divider]

Nolcha Shows Intrepid By AO'C Highlark
Intrepid By AO’C

Intrepid by AO’C went from sexy secretary to sophisticated siren in their collection. Sleek blouses and skirts in neutral colors as well as wide leg pants with tuxedo-like accents rounded out their more office type looks. Their modern gowns with clean lines and and textured details gave the dresses a classic feel. My favorite dress of the collection was the blue strapless gown. It took me up up up and away with how fabulous it looked!

The collections were all very different but all equally beautiful and interesting in their aesthetic, silhouettes and coloring. I know we’re all going to look forward to Fall and Winter so we can rock these looks.


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