Di Yusupoff Highlark

Di Yusupoff presented her Fall Winter 2016-2017 collection at Nolcha Shows Monday night as part of New York Fashion Week. Yusupoff, who designs under the label Sabina Yusupova, is inspired by her cultural roots and love of diversity of heritage. This results in her using eastern and european traditions to create her designs.

When I arrived at Nolcha, I went backstage to see the make-up artists finishing with their models. I witnessed a frantic mix of photographers snapping shots, and assistants running around to touch up last minute details. The models were the only ones who did not seem stressed. It seemed like it was a long day for everyone; they were ready to start the show.

I took my seat front row, nearly right on top of the runway, and watched people settling in dressed in their favorite outfits of the season. The crowd is always part of the fashion show. The lights went up, and the strutting began. The gowns were incredible. Shiny, floor length gowns in red-orange and navy were made of both sheer and solid silky material. The sheer fabric revealed the shoulders, and continued in a central line down to the belly-button. Another gown with sheer elements, a light dress adorned with fluffy, weightless feathers, flowed gracefully along the runway.

Long jackets with high neck lines and wide arm holes appeared, encompassing sheer pants and rich maroon skirts. The line between jacket and dress blurred during the progression of the looks. Hemlines rose in the front, revealing an inner layer of pink feathers, creating a hyper feminine jacket-dress. The collection was marked by sophistication and femininity.


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