On my way to The Capitol Theatre I’d seen more tie-dye than a little bit. Confused, but sure I was headed in the right direction. Passing the very police-y looking reverse scalpers, I arrive about 10 minutes before opening act The New Deal was set to go on. While looking around as the audience trickled in, one of the first things I notice are the balcony sections, set in threes, which look like they were ripped from every Lincoln movie you’ve ever seen. Next is the 20 degree slope that leads to the front of the stage which is offset by the insane amount of headspace between the ground level and the ceiling. I couldn’t tell if the lighting in the ceiling was an effect, or if it’s always that way, but it cast a midnight blue tone throughout the room.

Disco Biscuits The Capitol Theater Highlark
Disco Biscuits

Before the lights come up, I take a moment to think about how I’m going to frame or sum up the night. After exhausting all of my potential (and awful) Disco Biscuits lines such as, “it was all gravy Friday night as…,” and “the Biscuits soaked up every bit of the love left on that Port Chester plate,” I decide that maybe going with the flow is best after all.

The New Deal takes the stage to perform selections from Mercury Switch and a variety of other fan favorites. The trio has the look of a garage band made up of your dad and his friends who you never thought were cool until you heard them play. The kind of band where everyone said “you guys have something, you should go on tour” and they actually did it. Their flawless performance, in sync with the lights and lasers, was as good as any you’ll see.

Between artists, the crowd began to fill in until eventually the place was at capacity. Lightly listening to conversations as I made my way through, I got to hear accounts of fans of who’d traveled from miles around to make the show. One young lady I got to speak with told me that this had been her 6th Biscuits concert since 2012 while another told me he followed them “everywhere” with a proud head nod and sip of beer.

It wasn’t until they came out that I got to see how big Disco Biscuits truly is for their fans. What had been a cautious flirtation with dance had become an (accidental) punch and kick fest. The pain appeared to be worth it for all involved and was topped off by a Tribe Called Quest sample on “Caves of the East” which served as a subtle tribute to the late Phife Dawg.

The Biscuits jammed and then some… okay, I’m sorry, I said I wouldn’t. If you can get past my terrible jokes, and are looking for the best of in terms of jam, electronica, and trance fusion, go see the Disco Biscuits, NOW.


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