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Joe Ledbetter, also known as J. Led, has held a constantly evolving design career for over a decade. With minimal formal training, he has developed a distinct visual approach to narrative, working on classic two-dimensional surfaces and translating his stylistic vision to objects, most notably toys. Showing both locally and internationally, Joe has worked with various mainstream brands and his work has been featured in several publications ranging from People Magazine to the Los Angeles Times.

His toy collection is based on an acute sense of characterization, animating personalities and immortalizing them in the bodies of various critters, every last one a unique product of Ledbetter’s imagination. What makes his work especially memorable, is the underlying profundity of his happy-go-lucky cast.

Each piece holds such definitive nuance that its easy to look past the initial aesthetics to ponder the metaphoric value of the character(s) in question. One of such, titled “Cactus Bunny,” serves as an interpretive example. Following the model of many of Joe’s toys, Bunny is seated with big eyes and a button nose. It’s adorned with cactus needles and flowers, and there’s even a tiny hummingbird hovering by one of the blossoms. Further evidence of Ledbetter’s ability to render contrast and provide interactive imagery while simultaneously leaving plenty of room for symbolism and reflection.

It’s interesting to note that despite the intricacy of some of the toys, they’re just that – toys. They are to be loved, played with, damaged and scuffed, yet Joe doesn’t let that limit his creative potential as a designer. The bunnies and piglets and monkeys and woolly mammoths are, above all else, made for him, as truly tangible method of voicing his thoughts on all that surrounds us.

Though Ledbetter’s toys highlight his strengths as an artist, his prints and paintings are equally as evocative. They employ many of the same themes and personalities, but do so in a completely different medium. We get a bit of a fresh perspective on his work, and his process is a lot easier to decipher, when viewing his two-dimensional portfolio.

It would appear that his mind works like a mono-elemental storyboard, merging ideas and linking them together in a single, all-encompassing frame. As with the toys, the interaction between artist and audience is amplified by this narrative force. The story, the purpose of the work as a whole, and a sense of no-frills openness are what attract the general public. Anyone can find a message that feels like it was specifically written for them in the comic-like stills.

With a background in graphic design, Joe Ledbetter’s approach to creating art is an intuitive one, allowing him to connect with his work by embracing the whimsy of life and wiring it with larger themes. His identities as a painter and toy-maker come together over a sizable and constantly growing collection of humor, animation, and rainbow fauna.


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