A look for the “It Girl” inside every Woman; because if Clueless taught us anything it was the power of a good knee-high sock (and yellow plaid of course!). Knee-high socks can take any look from sweet and polished to fun and flirty. Clueless was iconic in every sense of the word. From the fashion to the lingo and how it promoted confidence in young women without having to compromise or change for any boy, as if!

This look is definitely all about confidence! Starting with the gold and black bralette that leaves little to the imagination but just enough mystery to consider wearing it as a top someday. The white fur knee-high socks are the perfect contrast in color and texture against the all black outfit. Because nothing says HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge) like taking knee-highs to the next level!

The high waisted skirt is flattering on any body shape giving the illusion of a perfectly cinched waist. Paired with a black top that gives just enough glimpse of cleavage to help you channel your inner coquette. Gold also makes more than one appearance with big and bold abstract earrings making quite the statement alongside the beautiful black choker necklace that lives up to its name “The Man Tamer”. The look is perfectly pulled together with black strappy heels that subtlety pop against the white knee-high socks and gold fringed shawl to add a bit of drama. Last but not least, a bag that is literally the bomb! A bag that says: “I’m feeling myself” and that’s okay!


BRALETTE: by Posh Shop

PANTIES: by Urban Outfitters

TOP: by Nasty Gal


SKIRT: by Nasty Gal

SHAWL: by Thrift Store


CHOKER: by Valfrè

BAG: by Shop-Demure

To achieve this look, pair a high waisted skirt with a subtle v-neck shirt. Knee-high socks of course and strappy heels or sandals. Don’t be afraid to mix in some color and accessorize boldly!

MODEL: KEIRSTIN MILES| Instagram | Twitter |

 Styled by Vanessa Lee / Photographed by Sonic Highlark

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