jjuujjuu bleck highlark



“Bleck” is a psychedelic trip that takes you and a 300 pound gorilla on a mind and space bending journey through a multi-dimensional maze of landmarks that won’t be appearing on Travel Channel any time soon.  It’s a peculiar interactive visualizer that resembles concussive frenzy of a malfunctioning 70’s TV set, hard smacked continuously in hopes of a clearer picture.  It is Phil Pirrone’s and JJUUJJUU’s brand new single on the heels of a forthcoming LP, to be released some time later this year. The music video directed by Vinyl Williams premiered recently via Noisey, and is downloadable and playable (yes, playable!) through JJUUJJUU’s website.

Psychedelic sound may not be a sustainable presence on the palette of modern music.  But then again, modern music may not be much of a sustainable presence on the palette of time. Psychedelia is more of a beacon through which many courageous and truth seeking souls signal transition back to the time tested basics.  The time has come for a paradigm shift in what some of us still call music. So turn up the volume and pay heed.

The music scene of the past 15 years has evolved into a strange concoction of masterfully crafted noise. From drive by hooks and Twitter beefs, to dime-a-dozen pretty faces, there’s much on the surface but little beneath for this once truly great entity. Those who know, feel, and breathe music may be on the verge of collective mass deconstruction of musical consciousness.  This may prove to be a necessary evil required to put the pieces back together in harmonious, honest, and thought provoking way.

So there is a gorilla, which may represent return to the primal musical instincts. There are also pyramids in the lands we may never know or visit – timeless reminders of the unforgiving linearity of time; hieroglyphs to be deciphered; landscapes that look misplaced and meaningful; imagery that’s dying to find its way into our cluttered minds. Drone notes create a formidable background presence, while rhythm guitar duels leitmotif of the complimentary riff for attention.  There is Radiohead, Incubus, and other bands in the matrix of the resulting sound.  There is rock n’ roll, although it’s hard to say whether JJUUJJUU’s mission is to be it or to lend it a helping hand.  The word MUSIC is prominently featured in this quasi tirade for a reason.  No matter the band’s intent, the musical ground is fertile for the seeds of renewed musical awareness.  Noise is good, so long as it serves as a tuning session for the score of musical timelessness.


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