I actually have a lot in common with Japanese-American artist Audrey Kawasaki. We are the same age, we are both 2nd generation, we both went to Japanese school every Saturday when we were younger, we both grew up reading Manga and we both did not finish college. Audrey though is an absolutely amazing artist, and her innocent yet sensual paintings are a one of a kind treat for our eyes. Her canvas of choice is wood panels, and most of her paintings are drawn on them, often cut and treated to her liking.

The pictures above are of a limited edition pillow I bought of her painting titled “Possessed.” The image on the right is a zoom shot of the pillow and as you can see the print quality is impeccable. You can still buy this pillow and other cool items at “This is a Limited Edition” website. “This is a Limited Edition” is a company specializing in limited edition goods utilizing artwork of word-class artists. There are a lot of great stuff there so definitely check out their site.




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