You often hear the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” or people talking about an image that tells a story. Femke Hiemstra is one of those artists whose work perfectly depicts such notions. Even the titles of her paintings simply and explicitly describe the story behind the art. She often uses several characters in a familiar but fantastical setting, creatively telling a story much like folklore in a single scene. I also love the clever use of antique panels and objects that “house” her work. It supplements her style so well, and adds another dimension to the story telling.

Femke often uses interesting lighting within her paintings that are highly effective in creating moods. In “The Liar”, the front of the bat and its wings are lit which not only lure the eye of the viewer but apparently the unfortunate characters within the painting as well. This brings me to another aspect of her work that I enjoy, the contrast of the fun and whimsical against dark undertones. The bugs in this particular piece are very amicable but possibly face impending doom. “Death Of A Ghost” (a fun oxymoron within itself) is set in a seemingly fun parade setting, but you can see some of the mice being truly sad about the death of a friend.

With Femke’s work, I’m reminded of the incredible story telling power of a well crafted image. Check out more from her at her website and blog in the links below!


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