One of the best compliments you can give an artist is that their artwork is timeless, which is especially true for a tattooer since the collector of their work will be wearing it for the rest of their lives. We are fortunate enough today to feature Chris Stuart, an artist who certainly lives up to that standard creating some really bold traditional Americana tattoos, as well as other styles that will look amazing 30 years from now and never become just a fad.

Chris describes his style as “less is more” which perfectly represents his work. I think he is a brilliant artist, being able to take a classic image and truly make it his own. Just look through Chris’ gallery of work showcasing his versatility and technical ability which puts him in the top of his class. Whether it is a bold classic “Rock of Ages” piece, precise script lettering, or a smooth realistic tattoo Chris knocks it out of the park.

Ever since 2001, Chris has been slaying badass tattoos at Ace Custom Tattoo in Charlotte North Carolina.


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