There are so many great tattoo artists out there and as much as we all love many of them, I’m sure you have a few that really stick out in your mind. For me, Herb Auerbach is one of those artists. I’m a sucker for traditional tattoos and I can’t get enough of Herb’s style which to me has a European-Medieval vibe.

Herb primarily uses black and analogous colors centered around orange that cover all these great tones between yellow and red. These colors really stand out against black and I am amazed how effective this minimal color scheme is in creating compelling images. Interestingly you don’t really miss the other colors and it’s incredible how it looks great on so many different designs. When he does add other colors he most often adds complimentary or near complimentary tones ranging from blue to green. He does this sparingly and tastefully to create more contrast and enhance the image.

Herb works out of California Electric Tattoo in Soquel (Santa Cruz County) California, but travels often to NYC and other areas doing guest spots. Check out his links for more of his work and look for the eagles he does because it’s one of the best!


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