Whether you simply enjoy looking at dope artwork or you want some inspiring tattoo ideas, there is something about the simplistic boldness and beauty of black and grey tattoos that we can’t get enough of. Sure there are plenty of awesome tattoo hubs and communities on Instagram, but here are our 9 favorite accounts that tailor specifically to our obsession with black and grey tattoos!

*Featured Images by Savannah Colleen at Ink & Dagger Tattoo

9 Instagram Accounts for Black And Grey Tattoos

Savannah Colleen black and grey tattoos
Tattoo by Savannah Colleen


BLXCK INK is a great community for amazingly creative black and grey tattoos. If you don’t want to take my word for it just listen to the 722K followers they have amassed. Quantity isn’t everything but these guys certainly curate quality. They feature artists from all over the world and their post format is simple and lets the art speak for itself- just a mention of the artist’s IG handle and their location.


Traditional style tattoos define the word bold, and Black Traditional Tattoos focuses on that classic look done in black and grey. The images here truly showcase the beauty of simplicity with plenty of black!


Followed by many great tattoo artists like Matt Black of New York Adorned and Matt “Skinny” Bagwell of Kings Avenue Tattoo, TTTism is a well respected IG community in the scene. Although they do feature color work as well, their feed is mostly comprised of black and grey tattoos. They recently published their first physical magazine so kudos to that! Check out that first issue here.


Run by tattoo shop assistant and tattoo connoisseur Gabriele Greco (@gab.holdfast), Blacktop is another great account with an eye for the powerfully bold traditional style. Many classic and timeless tattoo imagery can be seen here in all their glory, done by the top artists the world has to offer.


As their name implies, Occult Arcana is a trip to the dark side not just in the shade of ink but in theme. Featuring the work of “Devil’s Workers” as their profile states, if the mystical and esoteric world of the dark side intrigues you, this is the account for you!


O.T.D or Only The Darkest in another account that showcases the unique and dark from around the world. Run by tattoo enthusiast Ben (@bsvxii), you’ll indeed find the darkest of black and grey work here.


With nearly half million followers, Black Tattooing is a community moderated by tattooist @inkyal. You’ll see work from some of the world’s best like Savannah Colleen on their feed.


With a community of 606K followers, Inkstinct curates the more non-traditional style of tattoos. Displayed in a feed made up of only black and white photos, Inkstinct shows us an even more simplistic interpretation, with a focus on the elegance of sharp and often thin but eloquent line work.


Created by tattoo artist Casper Mugridge, Blackworkers is a huge community of 738K strong who appreciate and find inspiration in the allure of black ink.

Let us know which account you like the best, and you can check out all the amazing tattoo artists we’ve featured on our site HERE.