Precise and Elegant Tattoos by Matt “Skinny” Bagwell



Matt “Skinny” Bagwell is a tattoo artist working at Made to Last Tattoo in North Carolina. Matt adeptly covers a broad range of tattoo styles, and particularly has a way with cover-ups – making it appear as though there was never a tattoo needing to be covered in the first place. Traditional tattooing is also within his repertoire, but he often adds a more modern touch to the pieces, infusing classic symbols like skulls, stopwatches, and roses with more contemporary line work and definition.

Bagwell’s most impressive pieces are those which display his talent with hyper-realistic images. The pieces appear literally as pictures on the skin; animals glisten with vibrancy, and flowers pop with natural and saturated color. Often difficult for artists, Bagwell tackles facial features extremely well, and creates tattoos that look true to life, and have no need for superfluous details.

There are always the perfect amount of additions that enhance the beauty of the tattoo, without detracting from any of the true message that the receiver is trying to channel. All in all, Matt Bagwell’s style of tattooing could be described as precise, elegant, and gorgeously ornate. Whether creating a tattoo that flows with the body, or sketching out perfect symmetrical geometry on the wearer, Bagwell seems to have a knack for it all, and his ability to translate reality into his pieces is unparalleled.


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