Gustavo Rimada Highlark

Today’s featured artist is right up Highlark’s alley. Gustavo Rimada beautifully blends pinup girls and tattoo art with a Mexican flare to create bright and bold paintings. The women depicted by Gustavo are absolutely badass but also elegant. He mostly uses acrylic paint for his work, and I really love the tones and coloring within solid outlining which screams tattoo art for me.

My favorite piece I think is the featured image “Sink or Swim II” because it utilizes traditional tattoo imagery in an innovative way. At the top of the image, a ship cleverly rests on her ocean-like hair but clearly implies storm conditions. Dark blue and bright red are the dominant colors in this piece and they create great contrast making the red parts really pop. These colors also surround the girl and since her skin is very fair, your eye goes to her face when you see this painting even though there is a lot going on. I’m always a sucker for a good rose as well. The waves are a great touch on her arm that are reminiscent of a Japanese style sleeve.

Gustavo actually has a big sale going on at his online store so everyone should go check it out right now. I couldn’t help myself and ended up picking up the “Sink or Swim II” print. He will be showcasing his art at the upcoming Portland Tattoo Expo and the Dia De Los Muertos Festival in LA so if you are in the area be sure you grab a ticket!


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