We were now getting to the part of the shoot that was originally planned. We had discussed some outfit options the day before but I kept it simple and decided on lingerie. I am a big fan of lingerie because I think it accentuates a woman’s body so well. There is also a wide variety of styles and it’s just super sexy. Jennifer had brought few options but I pretty much left it up to her to choose. I set up some lights while she was getting ready which I placed in a little nook area of the studio with the antique love seat. This was the only setting in the studio I had pre-planned for the shoot. It was cloudy out but was still getting some good sun through the windows so I just had one strobe setup with a soft box from the opposite side of the windows.

Jennifer Lynn


I always meter the light when I use strobes but it doesn’t make sense for me to keep shooting in the same spot and angle so usually end up moving the light around and get lazy metering it again. I did a bunch of shots straight on because I wanted the love seat in the entire frame but then moved over so that she got some back lighting from the windows. She changed outfits and I just turned the love seat around for the next set of shots. She is a natural at utilizing her body and what’s around her and just knows what to do with it right away. I love the last shot in this set where she makes these great lines with her body.

Jennifer Lynn

I was done with the love seat and was thinking of something else to do next when Jennifer suggested she can hop on the ledge of the windows. I thought it was an amazing idea and these are some of my favorite shots from this shoot. The windows were really tall and was getting great natural light at the time. I shut off the strobes for these and had Daniel her manager hold up the reflector for me.

We took a little break and I looked around the studio to see what we can do next. They had these foam panels so I started to make a little box around one of the walls with it. I closed off the wall on the right side with one panel, then place another one next to it but left a little space in between. The rest of the panel wrapped around the front and the left side was completely open. I setup 1 strobe with a reflector head and placed it behind the crack of space I left. I’ve never done this setup before so I wasn’t sure if I would get good results. I had Jennifer positioned in the center of the wall and I shot from front with the panel right behind me.

Jennifer Lynn

We had some time left so we decided to do another look. I switched lenses for this one and shot her from further out with a zoom lens. Just kept it simple with this one with a stool in the middle and nothing else. If I was told to sit on a stool I’d come up with one or two poses but she was really creative and impressive.

I’m extremely happy with the shots I got in this shoot, and Jennifer was everything a photographer can ask for in a model. It was a fun shoot and I liked that it felt like a collaboration. Thanks to Jennifer Lynn and Daniel for a great shoot!


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Jennifer Lynn


I had to take a pic of the framed print from Three Kings Tattoo which was on the wall at Mishka. Three Kings is definitely one of the best tattoo shops in Brooklyn in my opinion. I also snapped a candid shot of her manager Daniel who was super cool and helped me out a lot. It’s actually a great photo I think. Lastly, it’s not a shoot until the model gives me the finger!

Photos © Sonic Highlark

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