You may have seen Ali Gulec‘s work in the form of this year’s Bonnaroo Art & Music Festival poster.  It is really a cool design and is a great representation of his talents. Ali successfully integrates his skills as an illustrator with his graphic design abilities and has turned his brand ikiiki into a highly sought after design studio. Many companies seek Ali’s talent for modern and edgy visuals to add stunning imagery to their campaigns.

I am especially impressed with his endless creativity that turns a simple concept into a series of mind blowing visuals. His series of skulls has many variations with each one equally good as the next. It’s impossible to pick a favorite since they are all so dope. Not many artists can pull off such an incredible range of styles with such finesse.

Sometimes I get bored of having to do similar shots over and over but Ali has inspired me to really open my mind and see that there are so many different ways to portray something. Ali’s work most definitely stands out from the competition and you can be sure you’ll get an amazing product when you work with him.


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