Today’s featured artist Tony Hundahl is a prime example of an artist who understands what tattoo art really is. It may not be something you think about often, but the skin actually dictates certain artistic decisions when it comes to tattoos. You may have heard a tattoo artist say that a certain image is too small or suggest a different location for a particular design. This is because a good tattoo artist needs to think about how that tattoo will look years down the line.

Tony’s work defines the word bold with tight flawless outlines and solid coloring that pops out of the skin. I personally think that his use of darker tones even for bright colors is essential in creating his powerful tattoos. He really knows how to enhance important features of whatever he is tattooing so that his images stand the test of time. I really love his use of saturated colors that creates contrast with different components of his pieces.

Tony tattoos out of his shop Rock of Ages Tattooing in Austin Texas. This is a really amazing shop that boasts an all-star lineup of talent including Chad Koeplinger who we recently featured and Saved Tattoo alum Thomas Hooper.


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