Being an artist is about making visible the vision that starts in your mind. Some artists know exactly where they want to end up while others figure it out as they go along. Handiedan, known primarily for her mixed media collages is an artist whose process involves a bit of both. Handiedan begins her process by first gathering all the visual elements that will eventually become a finished piece. She is usually drawn to vintage styles whether it be sheet music, playing cards, money or old paper. Her signature central characters, the pin-up girls are also a collage of various sources. As her “collection” grows, a general mood and theme start to emerge much like a puzzle. She then messes around with her “puzzle” pieces on the computer until she is satisfied with the result. For Handiedan, this finished computer image serves as her sketch.

She then prints out all of the elements and begins the process of physically bringing her ideas to life. Handiedan’s unique layering process creates 3D images rather than a flat collage. The attention to detail is incredible as she meticulously cuts, layers and positions the pieces together. You can see in the gallery below that she is a great illustrator as well. She will often include her original drawings as a part of her collage.

Although her art looks amazing on its own, it really doesn’t do it justice until you see the close-ups of it. From thin outlines, intricate patterns, complex geometric shapes to cutting out individual Chinese characters, the precision and attention to detail is simply astounding. The video is a very abridged version of her process but it shows some great close-ups of her work which should definitely give you another level of appreciation. She really inspired me to think outside the box sometimes, and that my thought process does not have to be traditional or linear. I’m a big fan of her work and style, and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it as much as I do!


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