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From the minds of Odd Future, the West Coast conglomerate of crazy comes seasons greetings from member Domo Genesis. The song is called “Dapper” the lead single from Domo’s debut studio self-titled album Genesis and features Anderson .Paak. Odd Future, which has as many nicknames (OFWGKTA, Wolf Gang, Golf Wang, Bacon Boys) have been out in the mainstream for 5 years since Tyler made “Yonkers”. It caught my eye because I lived in Yonkers, but they are from the West Coast, and that confused me. Since then Golf Wang has been on tour, owning clothing stores and brands, a TV show Loiter Squad which is most confusing yet genuinely brilliant.

Domo Genesis officially joined Odd Future around 2009 – 2010 and since then has been an impressive solo act for years. He’s also a part one of the few groups-within-the-group MellowHigh with the mellow Left Brain, not to be confused with MellowHype Left Brain and “Hype” Hodgy Beats. Domo might be less recognizable to the uninformed, but he is a respected artist who, along with ‘The Internet’ have found their stride, after seemingly buried beneath the tremendous talent that usually dominated the group; Grammy-winners Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean and highly-touted rapper Earl Sweatshirt.

This Domo song “Dapper” is an absolute joy to listen to. I also like the word “Dapper”; it’s a dignified way of saying ‘well-dressed’ and ‘clean’, similar to spiffy. An important part of the success of this song, “Dapper” incorporates groovy singer Anderson .Paak perfectly. Anderson is a fellow West Coast artist that has had an astronomical rise to fame at the moment with his funky soul music and raspy singing voice. “Dapper” sounds as great as it feels rolling off the tongue, an extremely funky and soulful tune with surprising amounts of soul and West Coast bounce fitting into the realm of the newest Soul King Anderson.

Domo did well to catch the wave at it’s rise, as Anderson had just dropped Malibu and had a long set at SXSW around the time this song was first introduced. This whole song screams good vibes and infectious energy, even the video has a joyous feel to it. It depicts Odd Future rolling around at a skate rink having fun while performing what they must’ve known was bound to be a smash-hit. The song is sonically pleasing, from its background vocals to its bass line and simple drums, to its guitar riff towards the tail end of the song. The track all comes together with Domo and Anderson’s contributions.

So many things are right about this song! Play this song wherever there are good people and good weather, and since East Coast is just catching up with it’s spring, expect to hear this bumping shoreside. As a fan of Domo since his arrival on the scene, I’m excited for other listeners to hear this new album, one that I’ve enjoyed so far (listening to it as I write this).


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