Dreamers Fly High in Manhattan with Danceable Hooks & Gnarly Guitar Riffs

Born from the green trees and open air of the Emerald City, Nick Wold formed DREAMERS band in a Brooklyn rehearsal space, and the result is what you would imagine if you put Seattle grunge DNA and mixed it with traditional Brooklyn crunch, and smushed it into a blender with a giant amount of rainbows and existentialism.

Dreamers, the trio consisting of lead guitar ringmaster Wold, bassist Marc Nelson, and drummer Jacob Lee Wick, have been hitting the road smilingly non-stop since being conceived from the Brooklyn rehearsal space they lived and wrote their early work. Their most recent tour swung through Manhattan’s Gramercy Theatre this past week.

Playing a solid hour set filled with jams from their newest album, April’s “Launch Fly Land” and their 2016 debut on Fairfax records, “This Album Does Not Exist”


The bright lights and neon aesthetic bathed the Theatre goers with a wash of danceable hooks, gnarly guitar riffs, and sprinkled somber moments of lyrics reflecting living your  life to the fullest of it’s potential, as with the sing along crowd favorite “Cry Happy”, and sometimes the ending of it, as with the acoustic unreleased song “Bleed Through”

Wold leads the chorus “I could die happy for a moment, since you stole my spare time” but this crowd was glad to donate their spare time for this experience.

// Dreamers Set List @ Gramercy Theatre, Manhattan, NY | 11/11/19

Bleed Through

Karma Police (Radiohead cover)

Los Angeles band Irontom kicked off the bill, providing a crunchy set lead by the charismatic singer Harry Hayes, heavily seasoned with gnarly guitar riffs and future arena anthem lyrics.

Joining the bill was Louisville’s Ian Johnson, performing as Arrested Youth, giving the crowd a show mixed with silly skits and poignant rapped lyrics about finding his place between the calling of creating art and the corporate world that can engulf us all by the draw of “real jobs.”


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