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In one of only three northeast U.S. dates on the North American leg of their Gypsy Caravan Tour, the trio of Stockdale, Carapetis and Peres that make up Wolfmother, gave us exactly what one would expect on the 11-year anniversary of the band’s debut. Following a dazzling hour-long set from tour mates Deap Vally, at 9 p.m. Wolfmother took the stage and, to the surprise of no one, not only did they match the tone and energy in the building, they raised it a level and made the night their own.

Confession time, before connecting with the family here at Highlark, I hadn’t been to many shows and I still haven’t seen a great number of bands in person. So, when your only reference for a group is based on how difficult their song was to play on a guitar with red and green buttons, there’s an anticipation and a nervousness that comes to a head at showtime.

Wolfmother couldn’t have kicked it off any better than to charge straight into the title track from the their latest “Victorious.” The song features an aggressive rhythm and a chorus that dares you not to sing along. Now, clearly priming the captive crowd, the band rolls through “The Simple Life” and “Eye of the Beholder.”

The build to, and payoff from the moment we were all waiting for was perfectly paced. The first note of “Woman” sent the already amped crowd into a frenzy. Hands were stretched higher, heads were nodding harder, and the two-tiered historic nightclub had just added another notch to its belt.

Considering how my nearest neighbor went out of his way to let me know how much he was enjoying himself by leaning in my direction to scream, “THIS IS AMAZING!” I’d say the evening was every bit Victorious. Victorious indeed.


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