I always have to check out whatever Dyro is involved with and this track is a prime example why Electronic Music is great at cultivating up and coming artists. Conro is relatively new on the scene but I liked the track he did with Sam O’Neall called “The Hound” which was released off of Dyro’s label Wolv Records earlier this year.

Today’s pick “Bittersweet” is a Dyro and Conro collabo featuring a great newcomer Envy Monroe. This track was released on Hardwell’s label Revealed Recordings and I bought this through Beatport yesterday right when it was released. It definitely has a festival ready commercial sound but has some meat on it and Envy’s voice really soars and the melodies are great. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this track topping the charts very quickly, and you’ll definitely be hearing the names Conro and Envy Monroe a lot more after this!