Eff Ulloa Highlark


Men’s Fashion Post, a popular fashion blog run by Eff Ulloa, is a true menswear bible. This comes as no surprise when you look at the man himself: sharp, elegant, yet unfailingly cool. As a result, he navigates effortlessly between casual and dressed up, tastefully manipulating details (here a shirt coming out of a sweater, there white sneakers paired with a suit) to create his own unique style.

Inspired by his aesthetic, here are four style tips to always get it right.

Eff Ulloa Highlark


Many of Ulloa’s looks focus on one single colorhe tends to favor neutral tones such as black, white, or gray, but doesn’t turn his back on blue or khaki. Opting for a monochromatic outfit is both a safe and daring choice: it will always look tasteful, but will always catch the eye.

While dressing for everyday outings, sticking to monochrome will add an element of class that will instantly up your game. On more formal occasions, it will make you look even more put together and will place emphasis on the fabrics and cut of the outfit.

You can obtain an equally stunning effect if you depart from the monochrome to remain in the same color family; Ulloa does this beautifully with an off-white leather jacket paired with a white outfit. You could also go the bi-chromatic route (black and white work best for this).


What makes Ulloa’s looks so interesting is that he never looks too put together and he never looks too casual. So, how does he do it? Simple: integrating casual elements in his most elaborate looks, and the other way around.

Take, for example, the way he pairs white sneakers with a white shirt and black pants. Add a pair of sunglasses, and you immediately get a look as cool as it is chic. On another occasion, the same outfit was worn with two key changes that made it more casual-chic: sandals replacing the sneakers and a shirt worn outside the pants.

It works just as perfectly on the other side of the spectrum, with a more elaborate accessory or garment complementing a casual look. Ulloa achieved this by pairing a long black coat with jeans and a tie-dye sweater, or an elegant leather backpack with a sweatpants and sweater ensemble. Through these combinations, he maintained the use of monochrome and layered shirt with matching white shoes, creating a sartorial masterpiece of a look.


Accessories are everything , but accessorize wisely. It’s worth investing in a beautiful piece that you will cherish and keep, such as some arm (or back) candy. Our favorite is definitely this Uri Minkoff leather tote that Ulloa paired with gray wool pants and a simple white tee from H&M, white sneakers by Common Project and a camel coat by ASOS.

Ulloa knows that you need different styles for different occasions, and we also love his Uri Minkoff (again!) Anto backpack and his nude fold-over clutch by Killspencer. Just as crucial, a beautiful watch or tie will go a long way, but Ulloa’s most stylish accessory is his adorable mini-me, his son Allen Mason! For such an investment, it’s definitely worth giving it some thought first, though.


Eff’s looks alone should suffice to inspire you for days, but be sure you take the time to get acquainted with the style influencers he features. Whether they are fellow bloggers or other stylish men such as the iconic Nick Wooster or WWD’s Fashion Director Alex Badia, all the men featured in his “A Day With…” series, which he started last summer, share an acute sense of style.

The diversity of voices featured in the blog is completed by the street-style section, a goldmine of inspiration from the world’s most stylish men when they look their best: Fashion Week. The most important lesson you can learn from them? No matter what your style is, pay attention to details, commit to your aesthetic, and, most importantly, have fun.

“Men’s fashion does not change all that much, but it is our style that really makes an outfit unique. A tip that I like to give out to my fellow gents is pay attention to outfits of those guys they look up to in fashion. See how they are putting pieces together and learn how the way they curate each outfit works. This will guide them into creating a style that is true to them but it will also give them confidence that their style and outfits are inspired by those who inspire them.”

– Eff Ulloa


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Eff Ulloa Highlark


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