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Emo Night Brooklyn is all about having a good time. A great time! Childhood best friends Ethan Maccoby and Alex Badanes transformed a typical night of hanging out into one of the hottest parties in not just Brooklyn but all over the country.

Emo exploded into our culture over 15 years ago and although it is often considered to be a genre for teens, there’s something about it that allows us to feel youthful, long after the teenage years. There is certainly a new crop of bands that continue to carry the torch, but it’s remarkable how many of these bands from “back in the day” are still active today.

Judging from last year’s Warped Tour lineup and the popularity of events like Emo Night Brooklyn and When We Were Young Festival, it’s clear that many in their 30s and even 40s still feel a strong connection to the music and so do the youth of today. As Ethan and Alex have attested to, their crowd varies from college kids to the cool adults that never forgot how to party.

It can be just them two, or a gathering of friends, but Ethan and Alex often enjoyed many nights kicking back some beers and blasting Emo. Some nights were crazier than others while some drew enough friends to call it a party. With very little intent besides hoping to score some free beers, they walked across the street from their Williamsburg apartment to a local Brooklyn bar called Cameo (now closed unfortunately) and asked if they can throw a little party in the bar’s 100 capacity basement area.

The rest is history as they say. With just a Facebook event page and word of mouth, the “little” party drew a line that wrapped around the block. As you may have guessed, the night was epic!

That was roughly 2 years ago, and now Emo Night Brooklyn holds monthly parties selling out 1000 capacity venues like Brooklyn Bowl and Irving Plaza. They travel all over the country hosting parties, often being home to official after parties for concerts from bands like Yellowcard and New Found Glory. With a regular flow of guest DJs from members of some of the most popular Emo bands, Ethan and Alex are living the dream, screaming, dancing, raging, and partying with their favorite bands.

The two friends never turned their backs on the music they grew up with and the music that made them who they are. Maybe that is Emo’s biggest power, keeping people young. One thing is for sure, if you ever feel like you need to let your inner youth fly, just go to a Emo Night Brooklyn event. Just make sure you can keep up with Ethan and Alex! Click here for an updated list of Emo Night Brooklyn shows and mark your calendars, the next one arrives at Brooklyn Bowl on July 14th.


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Emo Night Brooklyn Highlark

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