Imperfect Strangers: How Enjambre’s Journey to the American Dream Led them to Mexico City

Finding their American Dream in Mexico City

We spoke to Javier Mejias (Guitarist) and Julian Navejas (Keyboard) about Enjambre‘s musical and physical journey before they hit the stage at the legendary the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, CA.

You’ve heard the typical narrative before. America as the ultimate land of opportunity. A place people quest to seek refuge to in hopes of living their fullest potential and dreams. With most of their families remaining stateside; Enjambre’s migration story and sound permeates the concept of borders and dictates they are everything but typical.


Composed of five members originally from Orange County, CA, the alt-rockers flipped the land of the frees’ success narrative on its head. A band who’s name is now synonymous with the explosive development of Spanish Alternative Music scene in Latin America, found their American Dream by returning to their homeland of Mexico City, Mexico. While on one of their first tours, the relocation was initiated by their motives to be immersed in an environment that was more receptive to their music. According to the band; they were being offered more opportunities and had established a seemingly larger fan base.

Their music, as defined by the band members, is characterized to be as borderless as they are. Julian explains that their music process is emphasized on the human experience and producing genuine music that speaks to them as artists. Undoubtedly, this attitude of perceiving “their music being a tool for expression, not necessarily a message” attributed to their success in breaking into limelight of being widely-received in the music world despite consistently being pressured into a specific genre. It is the catalyst, they believe, that has allowed them to transcend their music to expansive music libraries.

One listen to their discography displays a constant change and developing sound track by track that weaves through influences of Indie, Punk, Metal and even classic Latin romantic ballads. A true testament to their significance within the Latin American music scene is displayed through the bands multiple invitations to play Vive Latino; Latin Americas premier Latin Music Festival. This year; the band debuted as one of the headliners. When asked how the accomplishment felt; Javier states the band “really turned it around this year” in comparison to prior years, and “playing to a full stage of people who were really into it, was just, memorable.” A memorable moment to be expected; as the festival performance came shortly after another milestone for the band, as their latest album release Imperfecto Extraño received a gold record in Mexico for selling 33 thousand copies in just nine months from its date of release.

We continue the conversation by discussing the intensity of the current political climate in both the U.S. and Mexico alike; and how that has impacted their music, if at all.  Julian proceeded to describe that while they are not a band that is exclusively political, their music carries inherently carries social and political content due to their personal stories. “Our music carries stories of relationships, ourselves, spirituality; all things that people can relate to; and we are glad to see so many identify with it. But we are always inspired by our environments and surroundings; everything we have come to see and experience firsthand; both the good and bad we’ve encountered in both countries.”

With a solid career in Mexico; we ask how the members now perceive their impact stateside. “With globalization and the internet; music has become really accessible. People have friends in other countries and can share music so easily; like ‘Hey, this band is really good check them out.’” Javier continued to share stories about their first travels to San Francisco and their surprise to have had a fan-base that spanned so far. “Younger generations seem to be more open to music and have the access. We just hope to continue making music and reach new places; the idea is to always keep growing and expand.”

So whats next for a band with a solid career 6 albums in, a gold record and headlining credit for the largest festival in Latin America? Javier says: “We want to hit new cities, states, countries. There are so many places we haven’t visited and we’d love to get as big of an audience as we can.” And for those who are awaiting if new music is coming; rest assured. While the band still has dates left on their current stateside tour, Julian mentions that the band “is definitely in a creative streak.” Hinting at much material that was left out of this last release; he explains it’s a great sign for a band to know there are still many ideas and albums to come.

Just how soon can we expect more music from Enjambre? “Maybe, hopefully as early as next year; our goal is to get through at least half of it while on tour. We’ll carve time out for it.”

We said our goodbyes as the guys geared up to hit the stage of The Roxy Theater. The venue was filled from wall to wall in anticipation of fans who are awaiting to see the international band in an intimate, kind-of reverse homecoming show. Their visits; as they assured; will be filled with time spent with family and the ritualistic stop at In N Out until its time to set out and continue their US tour and undoubtedly their journey to an ever expanding fan base.

Listen to their newest record below:


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