David Rice


Portland based artist, David Rice, creates beautifully realistic paintings with colors vibrant enough to allow the imagine to appear as if it is popping off of the canvas. David’s work is so incredibly detailed, that one may find it hard to believe that his images are in fact paintings. He mixes human elements with nature, as well as uses bold colors, yet he still maintains a quality of work that appears flawless in its realism. By observing the intricate clothing patterns on both the people and animals, as well as the carefully painted fur and feather in his images, it is clear that David takes his time on every single aspect of his paintings in order to achieve each vivid scene.


While David is currently based in Portland, Oregon, his art career blossomed in his hometown Aspen, Colorado. David’s surroundings have allowed him to develop a strong love for nature, which continues to influence his work to this day. Throughout his paintings, David has depicted both animals and humans interacting with nature. Many include birds on the shoulders of people, while other paintings take a less conceptually realistic approach. David sometimes chooses to combine elements of nature that do not actually go together. For example, multiple paintings combine sea creatures with plants on land. One painting in particular illustrates two orange fish swimming, in what appears to be air, around a dark green plant with large leaves.

David’s approach to painting is unique due to his ability to take ideas from his surroundings and truly make them his own. Many of his paintings include wild animals wrapped in intricately patterned blankets. While it is unclear what message David intended to convey with these paintings, they do give off a sense of comfort. Possibly suggesting that while animals appear strong in nature, they too need comfort just like humans do.


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