Its Last Call For This Love Story

In a city known for musicians striving to be stars; some simply seem destined to be. The Altons, display every sign they have found such a fate. By making an unconventional fusion of sounds; conventionally their own they have already graced the stages of coveted local stages on their own tours, billed as openers for National Tours and fresh off multiple showcases at SXSW and festival sets. Hailing from Southeast Los Angeles, the band is composed by Adriana Flores (Singer/Percussionist), Bryan Ponce (Singer/Guitarist), Gabriel Maldonado (Bass), Carlos A. Canovas (Back-Up Vocals/Drums) and Joseph Quinones (Back-Up Vocals/Guitar).

The Altons are now definitive within the flux of rising stars from the flourishing Latin L.A. scene. However, while many artists tend to get generally type-casted by this categorization; groups like The Altons come along to provide an incredibly flex and diverse sound that lend itself in defining that Latin Alternative is not at all a one size-fits all.

Currently working on their full length debut album; The Altons released their first two singles (“Darling Girl”/”Last Call”) from the upcoming anticipated release together with a special vinyl release. “Last Call,” comes in heavy with the reminiscent groove lines of golden classic rock mixed with experimental flair and a touch of funkadelic soul. The single, voiced by Bryan Ponce, is now provided a video that takes place in the literal and sonic blues that are found deep within the bottom of your drink in a dive bar at last call.

In the continuation and spirit of L.A.’s Latin Alternative scene that lends itself more to community based collaboration than competition; the band sought the assistance of production team Cine Rasquache, a Latinx film collective that is based out of Southeast Los Angeles. The tracks rhythm infused chords lend itself perfectly to the imagery of dive bars, western dessert roads and the tumultuous narratives of an illusive love story.

Highlark is excited to premiere Los Angeles darlings The Altons “Last Call” video ahead of their official release show. Be sure to check out the video above; and if you’re in the Los Angeles are be sure to come to their video release show for a what is expected to be a very special night.

The Altons will be celebrating their latest video release with a special night at the Resident in Downtown Los Angeles, CA on June 1. They will be joined alongside music sets by powerhouses Weapons of Mass Creation and Kiki DiagoStranger Liquids will also be joining to keep the visuals going all night. You can purchase tickets online now.


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