Anderson .Paak Malibu


In a year that will be remembered for its divisiveness and trivialness, Anderson .Paak‘s Malibu sticks out as a source of unity and sincerity. Malibu is soulful, funky, rich and honest. It takes you on a wild ride filled with crazy ass detours that sends you places you never thought you would go and never thought you would enjoy. It is impossible to listen to this album and not break out and dance (just ask those who ride the subway with me).

After hearing Malibu you will want to share it with those you love. Hell, you will want to quit your job and go on tour with Anderson. Much like the beach town, there is something about Malibu that leaves you both nostalgic for better times and optimistic for the future. I for one am very excited to hear what else Anderson .Paak has in store for us all and to hear the music that comes from all those that he inspires. What else would you want from an album?


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