Metronomy Summer 08


If the fact that Metronomy’s latest release – Summer 08 – was released on my birthday (July 1) is any indication of why this album was made for me, then I have no idea what is. Summer 08 came to me just when I needed it, as a collection of funk-inspired jams like “Back Together” and haunting slow jams like “Mick Slow”. It encompasses everything I wish Summer 16 was – nostalgic, unforgettable, and just plain happy.

Unfortunately, this past summer was none of these. After losing a dream internship due to scheduling issues, being stuck at home in suburbia while dealing with conflicting relationships, and coming to terms with my sexuality, I ultimately let my depression take over. Some of these relationships ended, including a five year friendship, and I never felt more alone. The only thing that I found myself able to turn to, like always, was music. As Summer 16 dragged on, I found solitude within Summer 08 and let it transport me to Metronomy’s world. I have been a Metronomy fan since The English Riviera was released in 2011, and listened to Love Letters nonstop after its 2014 release.

I find it truly ironic that Summer 08 was the first Metronomy exclusively written and recorded by frontman Joseph Mount, since this album, to me, represents a newfound independence for myself. It combines the sense of nostalgia we just can’t let go, with the growth and independence that we all strive towards within the ten tracks. It’s an album that reminds me to move on from the past and welcome the future. Whenever I was dancing around my room at 3 a.m., taking a drive by the ocean, or trying to fall asleep, I knew this album was there to join me. Even though I don’t particularly want to remember this summer, I will always have nostalgia for Summer 16 through Summer 08.

// Key tracks: “Back Together,” “Miami Logic,” and “Night Owl.”


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