The Raveonettes Junko Ozawa Highlark



The Raveonettes have promised a new track out every month this year, and so far, they haven’t let us down. “Junko Ozawa” is their newest release, a dedication to the Japanese sound artist who contributed compositions to some of the video game industry’s most important material. The track itself brings to mind the parallel reality of an arcade, with a high-strung beat and Sharin Foo’s signature bubble gum vocals. Lyrically, the song has the vital elements- the betrayal, the acceptance, the rise- and showcases them in a neon frenzy of nonchalance and syrupy revenge. “The night was clearly over,” she tells us, invoking that strangely familiar feeling of something lost. “The friends I lost were never meant to be;” a final stance and lesson on self-worth. Sharin’s voice lays soft against the drops and reverberations of Wagner’s instrumentals, leading the track as it picks up steam. The fact that it honors such an inconspicuous hero of an unassuming subculture gives the song a quiet profundity. It strikes a balance between teenage-driven pop and intentional song structure, all of it for Junko.

The Danish duo, comprised of the aforementioned Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner, has been together for well over a decade, gaining a strong following both in Europe and the States. Their brand of electronica indie rock emerged before its time, and the chemistry between the musicians developed into a full blown creative partnership, evident by their seven- album discography. I’d recommend “Junko Ozawa” to a mellow listener with a penchant for spunk and music to move to. The duo has a reputation for solidifying their style in live performances, remaining experimental in and out of the studio. They’re not currently on tour, but stay tuned for more information on future shows and releases.


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