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Working out of London’s Seven Doors Tattoo, artist Jondix specializes in highly intricate work with an inevitable air of mysticism. His geometric lens, more calculated than ornamental, is especially obvious in his larger pieces where the amount of detail almost overwhelms the surface area. After a number of international stints as a guest artist, Jondix has settled down as owner of Seven Doors, putting his lengthy experience in Oriental art and technique to good use.

Jondix’ work is all symmetry, and clearly rooted in an age-old definition of what is harmonious. The symbolic mandala is a staple in any tattooist’s portfolio, but Jondix goes beyond its classic version, carefully arranging original patterns and line work to magnify the desired effect. A significant portion of his work has a South Asian quality, perpetuating elements of the human condition as defined by Hinduism and Buddhism. The concept of the third eye is prevalent, as is sacred text, furthering one of the many roles of the modern tattoo – that of an unwavering entryway into one’s individualism and evolving understanding of oneself. Some of the symbols Jondix renders are almost hieroglyphic, immortalizing an ancient train of thought in modern times. One of his images is especially striking: a chest piece showing two cobras facing each other, forked tongues flickering as if summoned by a lonely flute, their bodies made of eternal spirals. It spreads strategically to the shoulders, exemplifying the artist’s subtle compositional intentions and skill in mixing geometric perfection with dramatic and metaphorical scenery.

Jondix’ penchant for black and grey work adds to the timelessness of his images, creating a priceless effect. Thanks to it, and the aforementioned symmetry, each tattoo is a completed puzzle with clearly separated elements that come together in a cohesive final result; with each part depending on another, the tattoo is balanced on the skin in a way that’s almost natural. Yet another chest piece of his features a layering of shapes, from hexagonal to petal, traveling across the shoulders, between the collar bones and up the neck eventually ending in a pointed tip right below the jaw. The way Jondix works with the body as a canvas erases barriers between ink and skin – he wraps an image around the curves and valleys of our limbs like a shawl.

Jondix’ use of geometry and Far Eastern sources of inspiration go hand-in-hand, creating a style both distinct and deeply dedicated to the receiver’s desires. Conceptually, his tattoos reflect spiritual connections with the self and the forces driving the world beyond. There is harmony, mystery and meticulous design work. The product, while remaining completely original, retains a spark of the past.


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