The Britanys' Garage Rock Highlark



Last Wednesday night, Bushwick – based band The Britanys brought the heat to a Williamsburg venue known as Baby’s All Right. Since Baby’s is the ideal hangout spot to enjoy rock music with the best of pals, it was only right that a lineup as groovy as this one graced the Baby’s stage on America’s funkiest night of the year. I was more than ecstatic to return back to the beloved venue, which holds many a memory for me dating back to my early high school days. With both The Britanys and Dances booked for the night, it was sure to be an unforgettable time.


The evening’s openers consisted of new-wave band Big White and dream-pop group Triathlon, bringing their talents all the way from Sydney, Australia and Savannah, Georgia, respectively, to provide the crowd with some electrifying tunes to properly kick off the night.

The next sounds that were heard reverberating off the walls of Baby’s were those of the Brooklyn-based band Dances. The group opened with “Holy Fool,” a banger that shreds like no other. “All he wanted was to crawl right after you,” the boys sang as the neon-lit backdrop of the stage glowed purple, blue, and red. The psychedelic sound of Dances juxtaposed with the colorful, euphoric aura of Baby’s All Right produced a rock show guaranteed to keep the audience crowd-surfing for the entirety of the night. Side note—who doesn’t love free tequila?

After Dances concluded their set, headliners The Britanys took the stage to wrap up the evening. Dressed in a vintage red varsity jacket, frontman Lucas Long, along with his three other band members, began to sing the first notes of what ended up being a killer set. The boys are not new to the Baby’s stage, and they made this very clear— their performance left each wildly-dancing member of the crowd gasping for air.

The Britanys’ garage rock timbre made for the perfect, feel-good New York City night. As the boys jammed out, their influences began to shine through—a mix between The Libertines and the early sounds of The Strokes kept my buddies and I on our feet throughout the entire set. A gem on the band’s setlist for the night was their latest single, “Basketholder.” With a contagious hook, the song could easily creep its way into anyone’s head for days, even weeks.

The performance left critics and friends alike wanting more from each band. However, a night at Baby’s is never quite finished after the show. The collective buzzing of audience members trying to figure out their post-show plans could be heard from any corner of the venue, but no after party could compare to the ideal rock concert that had just occurred. Baby’s, you never fail to disappoint us.


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