As a woman I take pride in treating my significant other’s wardrobe as an extension of my own. Whether it’s a T-shirt or the perfect button up, the loose fit can be perfectly paired with a tightly fitted or tailored piece to create a chic balanced look. Capri sports the perfect pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, coupled with a burgundy bralette and matching peek-a-boo bottoms that rise to the occasion.

I layered this outfit with this winters must have item, faux-fur of course! For the accessories I chose a black and gold sequined heart-shaped purse and layered gold jewelry to complete the casual-posh style. For the second look, I had to bring back the faux fur! The white two piece embodies what winter is all about with all the fun of a modern-day Raquel Welch.

The name of this look was inspired from personal experiences, i.e; running low on cute clean clothes and managing to make a chic last-minute outfit out of a pretty gnarly selection from the wardrobe of my significant other.


FAUX FUR: by Forever 21

UNDERWEAR: Burgundy underwear set Capri picked up at a local store in Budapest, Hungary. Try the look with any burgundy bralette and panty set

JEANS: by Diesel

BAG/PURSE: Try any black and gold cross body purse

ACCESSORIES: Layered Rings by Forever 21 / Earrings and Necklace by Urban Outfitters

SHOES:  by Mandee

WHITE FLUFFY TWO-PIECE: by Urban Outfitters

To achieve this look with some alternatives break out your best and distressed free fitting jeans and pair it with any spaghetti strapped crop top. Layer this look with a blazer and accessorize with a cross body purse or a cute statement clutch. For jewelry, go with gold and dainty pieces that can be layered tastefully. To avoid a disheveled look make sure you wear heels, a cute strappy sandal or ankle booties will do the job.

MODEL: CAPRI ANDERSON | Instagram | Twitter |

 Hair and Makeup by Sarah / Styled by Vanessa Lee / Photographed by Sonic Highlark

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