Hinds San Diego Highlark

For those of us subject to the first blows of winter, the single “San Diego” from Hinds’ upcoming album does its name justice and reminds even the frozen among us of the warm weather and good feelings conjured up by the thoughts of the sunny Californian city.

The song is simple, catchy, with a lo-fi edginess typical of an indie summer anthem, even if the album is set to be released in Mid-January. The band’s first full length album Leave Me Alone is set to come out on January 8th, 6 months after the release of their first compilation album, a mixture of demos and other recordings from the young Spanish indie rock band.

This all girl band shows they definitely don’t rely on frills, and exercise their garage rock, gang vocals in “San Diego”. The major tonality, basic pop beat and bouncy bass rhythm give this song a catchiness that’s hard to ignore, especially as the vocal harmonies come together during the chorus of “da-da-da’s.” This song keeps the energy high throughout, before changing it up, almost from exhaustion, finally wilting to cut time in the end. I’m excited for the release of the full album and fully expect this up-and-coming band to continue to grow and gain notoriety.


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