Who doesn’t love a look that promotes girl power and wearing casual plaid?! Hayley serves up some serious school girl punk looks with the perfect peep toe shoes and thigh high socks that can make any girl feel sexy enough to undress. I kept the jewelry to a minimum, choosing a black choker I managed to make out of an old gun pendant and a vintage stretchy necklace. Hayley pulls the look together with a clutch that can be considered every girl’s best friend and every perfectly angled eyeliner’s favorite ally. With the two lingerie sets I tried to accentuate the two sides in every woman, innocent and playful as well as naughty and confident!

The name of the look “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was inspired by the iconic Nirvana song, but more than that I imagined this being Kurt Cobain’s dream girl in high school. It was later brought to my attention that the girls in the video sport a similar look. Go figure!


T-SHIRT: Girl Gang Ringer T by Gypsy Warrior

THIGH HIGHS: Athletic Striped Thigh Highs by Yandy

FOOTWEAR: Anotha Peep Outta Yew Sandals by Dolls Kill

ACCESSORIES: Never Ask Pouch by Gypsy Warrior / This Is A Stick Up Choker by Vanessa Lee (Custom Item) – Try the Man Tamer Choker by Valfrè in black

UNDERWEAR: Hayley’s Personal Closet – Mix and match with anything lacy and or sheer

“To achieve this look with some alternatives just pair a classic ringer with a high waisted plaid skirt. Make sure you throw in some thigh high socks and peep toe shoes to emphasize the school girl angle. Complete the look by rocking a small clutch that complements the outfit.”

MODEL: HAYLEY GRAY | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook |

 Hair and Makeup by Sarah / Styled by Vanessa Lee / Photographed by Sonic Highlark

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