The Virginmarys created quite a buzz with their debut full-length King Of Conflict. Almost 3 years later, the UK trio are back and are getting ready to release a brand new record. They have shared with the world a brand new song “Into Dust” which is available for free download over at their SoundCloud page! I was having some technical difficulties but was able to have a quick chat with lead singer slash guitarist Ally Dickaty and ask him the question we all wanted to know the answer to…. “In the UK, do rockstars follow soccer aka football?”

SONIC HIGHLARK: How are you doing Ally? What goes on in the UK?

ALLY DICKATY (THE VIRGINMARYS): Good. It’s just been raining for about a week though and just kind of dark and gloomy.

SONIC: So, I listened to your new song “Into Dust” and I have to say it’s pretty badass.

ALLY: Thanks!

SONIC: There’s a new album in the horizon but I heard that you guys had 30 or so potential songs. What is the process like as far as deciding which songs make the album?

ALLY: We worked with Gil (Norton) on the songs and we just picked songs that would make the best possible album. That doesn’t mean they’re all the same type of songs, we have songs that are fast, songs that are slow.. there’s a variety of songs for sure.

SONIC: Were there any songs that you wish would have made it to the album?

ALLY: Well yeah, when you have several people involved though everyone will have their opinions and favorites. It can be hard to give up on certain songs, but we just tried to think about which songs will be the best for the album.

SONIC: How do you hear about new music and is there something you like to use specifically technology wise?

ALLY: My mates. Something they’re listening to at the time or I mean I use Spotify too, but I usually hear about new music from my mates.

SONIC: How about the UK music scene? Are there any new bands or music that catch your attention?

ALLY: Not really, I mean there’s still a lot of pop on the radio, and most people here listen to that. Not that all pop’s bad but there’s a lot of that manufactured pop. I write about my experiences and what’s going on around me, it’s just not what I relate to.

SONIC: When can we expect the new album, and would you guys be touring? A U.S. tour maybe?

ALLY: It’ll be around January. Loads of touring and in the U.S. for sure. We love playing there.

SONIC: I always wondered this but in the UK, is soccer, or football a big thing even for rockstars?

ALLY: Yeah, we’re from Macclesfield which is close to Manchester so we’re Manchester (United) fans.

SONIC: I also ask because I’m a big Arsenal fan.

ALLY: Oh, well Arsenal’s not so bad, if you said Manchester City that’ll be more of a problem.

SONIC: (laughing) Thanks for your time Ally! Hope to catch you guys on the road here.

ALLY: No problem, thank you!


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