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One of hip-hop’s greatest lyricists and Brick city’s favorite son reminds those hardcore fans why East Coast rules the hip hop world. Redman, for those who might’ve been unconscious during the 90’s, is a legendary Newark based rapper formerly of Def Jam that helped solidify the East Coast rap scene as the kings of the Golden Age alongside the Wu Tang Clan and member/co-star Method Man (listen to “Da Rockwilder”). Redman has since departed from Def Jam and is currently apart of Gilla House, with of which he has released his newest album titled Mudface.

There are pretty good songs on this tape but I felt it important to choose a specific song that could depict what Redman means to the East Coast movement for those unfamiliar to East Coast’s hip-hop roots. |

RHYME: Redman is an iconic symbol known to give you bars (his Ph.D in bars is valid) so it is only right that he would write another prescription, aptly named “Bars” from his Mudface album. “Bars” is a classic hip-hop fans favorite song on the album, a song that cuts to the chase and gives you more bars than Washington Ave down in Hoboken. Redman laces the song with line after line of fire, so many quotable lines and funny rhymes. The track is a pure showcase of the rough and rugged style of spitting that the 90’s scene was famous for, and it is safe to say the most respected new artists were influenced by the aforementioned ‘Golden Age’ of rap.

BEAT: The beat is a traditional East Coast beat; simple and sweet, few chords of a piano melody and a drum riff on continuous loop, an ode to the original style of hip hop that took more pride on wordplay than on production. The deep piano and snare drum make for a sinister type of mood, which is a theme throughout the Mudface album, which is worth a listen for those who appreciate a classic Redman project. The beat enables Red to take spotlight and for listeners to pay attention to his bars, which are tough.

OVERALL: This is the Red we know and respect, and I am pleased with this song and appreciate it for all it’s worth. Redman is a hip-hop purist that is proud of his role in the evolution of this young genre, and he speaks on that, also noting in the song that he is “your favorite rapper’s favorite [rapper]” which is probably true.

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