Soey Milk‘s paintings offer intimate snapshots of a spectacular femininity; one that lacks shame and basks in vivacity. She introduces subtle symbolism and a certain regal, abstract quality that distinguishes her work from that of other artists. She goes beyond the label of portraiture to introduce a state of mind, and one is instantly drawn into her world through the gestures and physical expression she conveys. There is innocence, bliss, and insecurity- all the things we strive to not make ourselves vulnerable to, as well as divinity, strength, and youth- all that we strive for. 

The female body has been interpreted in almost every way imaginable, and Soey’s renditions are some of the most dynamic I’ve ever come across. Every element- the way she positions her subject, light against skin, the choice of background and environment, points to a profound respect and honors woman’s long- trampled glory. There is also a vacancy resounding through her work- we see it in downcast eyes, folded- up figures, and enveloping shadows, adding another dimension to the content.

What strikes me most about Soey’s sense of composition is her take on fabric- whether it be that of shredded scraps, clothing, or rumpled sheets. On a technical level, the realist technique is impeccable, catching light in all the right nooks. Her subjects are often draped in material, their bodies highlighted by its patterns yet never covered, and it’s not so much erotica as it is a soft and uncompromising display of humanity, with its pleasures and constraints. This is further demonstrated by the rope motif that appears in some of her pieces, incorporating twine and tassels strung across torsos like chains.

Soey Milk has that intensity that allows her to combine the abstract and the lovely, ending up with a piece that is more fervent and real than dainty and saturated. The fact that the artist puts such a significant piece of herself into her work makes it that much more relatable; it’s not simply a glimpse into a beautiful mind, but an exclusive invitation to the art of intimacy.


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