Grassroots California Highlark Feature

With an emphasis on collaboration and giving back, Grassroots California offers clothing and accessories with charisma, an appeal that is amped up by the sheer variety and originality of the available merchandise. With sections like “Made in USA”, and “Social Shopping”, the company’s website gives us a clear picture of the power of networking and the importance of quality. Grassroots California is, without a doubt, a social brand that’s keeping pace with a connected world.

More than anything, the company’s clothing looks comfortable; it’s versatile and laid-back, yet doesn’t compromise aesthetics to reach that level of ease. The women’s section is ideal for women on the move, steering clear of glitz and frill in favor of loose hoodies and uncomplicated dresses. The men’s selection is equally practical and just as visually engaging, experimenting with pattern and affixing the distinct bear logo in all the right places. Artist collaboration pieces are dispersed throughout the site, with most of them in the hat category.

There is no breezier accessory than a good snapback, and the ones offered here become even more than that- they are wearable canvases, reflecting individual artistic vision and bringing it to the public. Designs range from psychedelic backdrops to classic logos to text, shining light on the diversity of style and technique within the company’s creative community. The Grassroots California website makes sure you discover all there is to know about each artist, giving you insight into the meaning and effort behind their contribution to the brand.

What sets Grassroots California apart from similar ventures is their dedication to their movement, which focuses largely on community, excellent craftsmanship, and accessibility to consumers. The company donates a part of the profit from every sale, and is open to collaboration with creatives as well as organizations with a similar goal of giving back. Their products have global reach, appearing in 300 stores around the world, and that means that subsequently, their message of purpose has gone international as well.


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