Last month the Mystic Braves, a psychedelic quintet from the City of Angels released their latest full-length album, Days Of Yesteryear. The album itself is chockfull of a new wave psychedelic feel combining the composition-focused quality of Temples with the extraterrestrial keyboard sounds of MGMT, and a bright trembling guitar, longtime member of most otherworldly psychedelic music.

The final song of the album “Born To Get To You” stuck out as the most honest and representative piece on the album, encapsulating all the qualities the band exposes in earlier tracks. Lead man Julian Ducatenzeiler’s wailing and almost dried up vocals cut through the track to deliver a powerful lament about growth, shortcomings, and past mistakes.

The arrangement features the aforementioned tremolo-soaked guitar, otherworldly organ, and lo-fi drum sounds. The desert-rock guitar solo underscores the lonely feeling presented through the rest of the piece, while a second bridge crescendos into a whirlwind, leaving the listener feeling disoriented and out of breath before returning for one final chorus. “Born To Get To You” acts as a great bookend to this album, and if you enjoy this track the rest of the album is definitely worth checking out.

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