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I don’t have the best taste in music for no reason, I’m not the realest just to be recognized by other real people. I don’t review things for my own personal gain or all the groupies I get, I just want ‘senpai’ to notice me. Also, there’s nobody to talk to in this hole I’ve dug myself into. Knowing that, I work hard with these reviews and this is my favorite review because it’s my Early Halloween special! Boo! Word. The Brooklyn trio Flatbush Zombies have been overlooked by all that don’t look in the right places, but have vastly improved their already great product which can only mean one thing… ‘Zombie Apocalypse.’

I warned the brainwashed people to start listening for the subtle signs, but will indeed become a nation of zombies, especially after Flatbush Zombies has officially released their highly-anticipated album 3001: A Laced Odyssey. Lock yourselves in your basement, bulk buy at your grocery store (buy beans) and hug your loved ones because it’s about to get sinister. I already live in a basement due to my life choices and can go without sunlight for a while, so I’ll have everything I need and a front row seat to the ‘World War Z’ that is coming.

As a fan of the dead ones, our cold dead bodies were ready for their debut album under the independent Glorious Dead label, but as is true in art it is worth the wait. Plug Life.

An essential part of the ‘Beast Coast’ movement, the enlightened Zombies from Flatbush (Brooklyn, NY) absolutely exceeded expectations with 3001 which is a 100% organic zombie product with no preservatives, a tad acidic but healthy nonetheless. Each of the artists gave great performances on these tracks; the enigmatic Zombie Juice switching up his flows as often as his hair color, keeping you off guard. Meechy Darko aka ‘Fleezus Christ’ using his zombified voice that would scare the casual movie goer, but would please all the horror fans worldwide. Erick Arc deserves copious amounts of credit for both producing the entire album himself as well as contributing to many hooks and verses, most impressive is how far Arc has come in just a few years. Erick usually leaves the rapping duties to Juice and Meechy Darko, who go real hard on the tracks with their rhymes and lyrics, but is also a competent rapper and adds a happy medium between the contrast between Juice and Meechy.

Juice is as unpredictable as he’s always been, and Darko goes as if he’s spitting everything from his stomach throwing up diamond on “This is It” and his dark masterpiece “Ascension.” The beats are a mix of trippy acoustic guitars and spacey synths with hard bass that Erick Arc is known to create as he did for ‘Thug Waffle” and “Palm Trees.”  The best part of this CD is that “Bounce” and “This is It” were the only  songs of this 12 track album that I’ve previously heard. Since I always try to listen to the entire CD in order first, I wasn’t spoiled. After hearing this incredibly dark and trippy collection of songs, my conclusion is that they absolutely rocked this album in all kinds of ways.

Watch more zombie movies, watch H.S.O.D for a fifth time or listen to 3001 to educate yourselves for the upcoming zombie takeover. Buy the album to get the full experience but if you cannot, we at Highlark have the fix that you need.

Aside from this great album, Brooklynite rappers Flatbush Zombies can be heard this week at the famous South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) deep in the heart of Texas. Although I won’t be present, I’m excited that the undead group will be representing the greatest city on earth while my senpais cover it LIVE right here on Highlark.com!

The Plugs are Real.


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