For Love and Lemons is a label that fuses elegance with indulgence. The brand can be found at many retailers, but also has an independent online shop and location in Manhattan, New York. Their apparel is carefully crafted, each stitch adding a degree of delicacy to these items that is reflected through the brand’s style. Lace, floral patterns, and sheer materials are abundant within these graceful and luxe articles that can be worn for many occasions- their style hits the middle mark between being overdressed and inadequately thought out.

The beauty within their designs comes not from grandiosity, but from the way their muted tones and lush fabrics speak subtly to the quality of their brand. Ideally, you could shop from head to toe, as they offer not only clothing, but undergarments and outerwear that are almost too gorgeous to actually use. For Love and Lemons offers a line that is somehow both practical and magical, pairing modern minimalism with flower child aesthetics to create wearable clothing that could easily be a staple to your wardrobe.


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