Geneva White‘s latest track “So Good To You” was a pleasant surprise and for me the song that solidified my conviction that she is an artist you must know about. It is a song that really rounds out what will be an extremely impressive first EP, Surface due out October 13th.

Her first single “Dreamcatcher” was an easily digestible electronic pop track and served as a great introduction to Geneva’s vocal range and style. Soulful, soft and delicate, then soars with intensity during the chorus.

The EP title track “Surface” then gets deeper into who she really is and what she can do. For me this is a moody, sexy track that tells us she is not your typical pop singer and that we’d be fools to pigeon hole her based on “Dreamcatcher” alone. I really love this track and it’s the song that really got my attention.

Geneva then hits us with “So Good To You”, a jazzy guitar driven track that takes us into a different direction from her first 2 releases. The track is just so good, and is a great indication that she is someone who will keep us on our toes with every track she puts out, and that is exciting as a music fan.

For Story XXV, Geneva White tells us the story of how an episode of Netflix show Chef’s Table inspired an impromptu trip to visit Slovenia so she can meet chef Ana Ros, the owner of her restaurant Hisa Franko. I’ve been hearing a lot about this show and I actually checked it out after this interview. Really inspiring show, I can see why she decided to take this trip.

She also takes us on a brief ride through the Miami music scene which played a huge part in the development of her style and sound. Geneva White is a genuine person who also happens to be extremely talented. Check out the video to get to know her better, she’s worth it!


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