It’s crazy to think sometimes how time flies. I’ve been listening to H2O for over 17 years now and so when they put out their latest album “Use Your Voice” few months ago I was super excited. I was even happier that the album was great, and their sound and message had not changed one bit. I had posted their tour in our events section, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see them live again in NYC. Stephanie over at Bridge Nine Records linked me up with Adam Blake (Bass player for H2O) for a quick interview at the show. It was a real honor to be able to interview a band that was a big influence in my life so thank you Adam and Stephanie!

SONIC HIGHLARK: Do you see anything different in the cities and scenes you played at this time around on tour compared to the past?

ADAM BLAKE (BASS – H2O): Sometimes places are great, you go back and they’re not so great. Then you go back again and it’s awesome again. I don’t know how to predict this, it’s just a force of nature.

SONIC: How do you guys deal with scenarios when business or money has to come into play, for example touring?

ADAM: Well obviously we love what we do, but at the same time if we’re going to leave our families we have to be compensated. At this point it’s certainly a consideration and anyone that’s in a real band and says it’s not is either lying or multi-millionaires that don’t have to worry about real shit. I mean it’s certainly a blue collar thing you know, we get out, we work and we earn our money. It looks like we just play a show but I’ve been away from home for 12 days now and was in Europe for 2 weeks just before that.

SONIC: Do you still live in New York?

ADAM: I live in Southern California. Most of us do now actually. You have this thing Winter here that I don’t do anymore (laughs).

SONIC: (laughing) You had enough of it?

ADAM: Yeah, I had 20 of those I don’t need anymore.

SONIC: With all this new technology now music wise, is there something you like to use personally?

ADAM: I just use iTunes. I’m a simple basic man. My wife uses Spotify, Pandora and all that shit but I just stick to iTunes and Garage Band to write music.

SONIC: How do you find new music these days?

ADAM: To be honest I go through phases. If it’s on the radio, that’s how I find it, like I’m a kid again. But I also have so much music that I’ve loved over the years and so many records and so many bands that have new music I haven’t heard yet so I’m good, I’m good for a while.

SONIC: Any new bands that you like in particular?

ADAM: New? New? Um, fuck man, new? I just went and saw that band Smallpools the other night because my wife loves them. Fun show man, not hardcore, pop music but really good. I like uh, fuck dude, new bands? I don’t know man. New Iron Maiden is great, the new Crown of Thornz is great. Everything I listen to is older usually.

SONIC: Tattoos. Which one was your first one?

ADAM: My first one is on my ankle it says “Murphy’s Law – H2O – Beer + Water – U.S.A 96”. It was on that tour, I got it done in Kansas City and Paul Bearer from Sheer Terror was watching me get it done.

SONIC: I saw you guys with Murphy’s Law but I think the first time I saw you guys was at 7 Willow street with Fahrenheit 451 and Subzero.

ADAM: Yeahhhhh! Fuck yeah!

SONIC: So is H2O an open ended thing for now?

ADAM: Yeahh, keep that shit rolling for a while. But we’re slowing it down for a little bit. We’ve been playing a lot lately so picking our battles for the next year or so. Not just busy for the sake of busy, busy for a good reason you know?

SONIC: How did “Use Your Voice” come about? Did one of you guys just say “Hey, let’s do a new record”?

ADAM: I did a whole lot of demos, myself and Todd Friend (Drummer) and that kind of started the ball rolling. Then we just kept writing and we had a bunch of music, it kind of just happens. It only takes us about 3 months to make a record, it’s just that it takes us 7 years to decide that we’re going to.

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