Steve Whittenberger is a tattoo artist for Black Pelican Tattoo in Boca Raton, Florida. Although he is extremely talented at the usual facets of the trade- traditional tattoos in particular, Whittenberger has branched out to create his own notable style. An attempt to describe the style would be akin to a psychedelic trip into a parlor of mysteries, where inside you discover strange humanoids, snakes, flowers, and other seemingly mundane objects turning themselves into optical illusions. His style focuses heavily on blues, reds, and blacks, and makes use of strong lines and stippling.

Throughout Whittenberger’s pieces, there is an incredible display of technique that is almost evocative of 80’s style art deco works. These tattoos are truly unlike any you’ve ever seen before, with each piece more infused with unique aspects than the next, whether it be a charming nature scene that pops off the skin, or any one of the gorgeously detailed religiously themed motifs he translates to permanent artworks. The ability to saturate full blocks of color within tattoos clearly and without bleeding of the ink is also an impressive feat of the artist’s. Steve Whittenberger dominates at not only the previously established realm of art, but also creates his own domain within the world of tattooing.


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