Hannah YataBorn in a small town in Georgia, Hannah Yata has always been inspired by the beauty of her surroundings. She explores the connection between women and nature in her most recent exhibition, “Exile.” Yata employs a mix of earthy tones like blue, brown, and green with vibrant shades of purple, orange and yellow throughout her paintings. The variety of colors allows the viewer to experience the feeling of chaos in nature, as well as the unity between the human subjects and their surroundings.

While Yata likes to focus on the interaction between humans and nature, she also illustrates interactions between animals and their surroundings. Some of her paintings include intricately colored birds, fish, and even horned rabbits. Each animal is intertwined with other animals, creating a type of mythological creature, or engulfed in its surroundings of bright colored vines or flowers. These paintings illustrate the connection between all things in nature, and how they come together to creature beautiful scenes.

Hannah YataOther paintings go a step further and combine elements of the natural environment with animals, and women. These paintings feature women with beautifully painted bodies, who have animal heads instead of human heads. Although this combination is unnatural, the beauty of the animal heads truly does equal the beauty of the women’s bodies. In particular, Yata’s painting, “Devil”, depicts a woman with a horned horse-like head sitting alone in a forest surrounded by bright green plans and incredibly vivid orange and pink flowers. The woman’s body has lines painted on it and flowers sprouting from her head. The painting depicts an incredibly serene composition that features an immense amount of beauty, yet Yata choses to title it “Devil.”

Each painting in her newest exhibition, “Exile”, is so incredibly detailed. These details allow the viewer to find new aspects upon each look, leaving many different interpretations up to the viewer.


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