Henning Jorgensen‘s teenage obsession with tattoos quickly blossomed into a full- blown habit that persists to this day. Internationally renowned for his skill and dexterity in Japanese- style tattooing, Jorgensen creates pieces that fit their clients like animated kimonos. His tattoos are unafraid. While viewing Henning’s work, I forgot for a second that I was looking at a human body- I only saw solid, complete masterpieces, incredible in both their size and appearance.

Henning has extensive knowledge of Japanese tattoo technique and imagery, making him one of the most desirable artists in the industry. His pieces, most of them covering large parts of the body, show his immaculate attention to detail and symbolism. His work is raw yet polished, yielding results akin to the traditional method of tebori, in which the artist punctures the skin with a bamboo utensil known as a nomi. Recreating this technique requires not only years of experience, but years of patience, and results in a highly introspective and irreplaceable work of art.

I imagine that Jorgensen puts a good amount of personal input and creative advice into his customers’ tattoo choices. This is definitely evident in the way these tattoos flow; like wordless haikus, their composition is a message on its own. This requires a deep understanding of Japanese values such as the relationship between man and beast or man and sea. In a rapidly growing global tattoo culture, the skill and significance behind Japanese tattooing is preserved by artists like Henning- artists who do not compromise effort, making each piece a top priority despite their level of prominence in the field.

Jorgensen has owned Royal Tattoo in Helsingør, Denmark, for three decades, where he works with a talented team of artists to provide tattoos of quality, beauty, and profundity. His pure sense of aesthetics, along with a rare capacity for metaphor makes him a man you can surrender your skin to without hesitation. To read more about Henning and his shop, or to see more of his work, visit http://www.royaltattoo.com.


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