Huevos Revueltos: Enanitos Verdes & Hombres G Takeover Los Angeles

Rock En Español Legends Take on STAPLES Center

Walking towards STAPLES Center, there were groups of people including couples, families, rockeros of all ages ready to see the Latin Rock legends Enanitos Verdes and Hombres G; two of the most popular Rock En Español bands from the 80s and 90s.

Enanitos Verdes from Mendoza, Argentina are currently formed by Marciano Cantero, Felipe Staiti, and Jota Morelli. With generations of fans in Latin America and musical history of awards and recognitions, the pop-rock group has become legendary. Formed in Spain in 1983, Hombres G were influenced by English new wave and The Beatles, leading them to become a prominent group in Ibero-America. Both bands sold millions of records and performed to thousands of fans, filling up stadiums in their era, and this tour proved to be the same.

The stage set-up was something that is not typically seen before, with the equipment for both bands set up and splitting the stage. Two drum kits, many guitars, various microphones, a saxophone player, and keyboard player all on the stage. The show started with both bands playing together and jamming out to a new song. They played more songs with each other throughout the night, combining their talents and sounds. The bands would then switch off performing songs with different singers at different mics, guitars back and forth, one drummer at a time, but the keyboard and saxophone were pretty consistent throughout for each band.

The name of the tour, Huevos Revueltos, is a great analogy for the show with the set being scrambled between the bands. The bands played classic songs, providing nostalgia for most people in attendance like when Hombres G played “Te Quiero” and “Muralla Verde” by Enanitos Verdes. The arena was filled with people singing along throughout the show. The groups also played new songs showing their development as bands yet still keeping the attention of their fans.

A standout of the show was the amazing saxophone player who had killer solos and really set the tone for a lot of songs. The lights shining throughout the arena were beautiful and they were coordinated perfectly for the songs, really adding to the show. The visuals they had on the screen also set the tone for the songs and used really vivid effects when showing band members on the screen. They also provided lyrics to sing along to songs such as “Marta Tiene Un Marcapasos” by Hombres G. It was a stellar show overall that proved to be a great time seeing these Rock En Español bands rocking out together.


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[Official] [Facebook] [Instagram] [Twitter]

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