Today’s Ink Pics feature is heavyweight hitter Myke Chambers who specializes in Traditional Americana tattooing at it’s finest and is the owner of Seven Swords Tattoo Company in Philadelphia. Myke Chambers has a very humbling life story, which is the foundation for the empire that he has built for himself through sheer resilience and hard work. Still at the peak of his career, Myke manages to stay extremely engaged with his loyal supporters which is very rare for any experienced professional with a high degree of stature in their industry. He is also part of the mean and rad Sullen Art Collective family.

I really love how Myke stays true to the fundamentals of American Traditional by using what is called a “whip” shading technique for his blacks to get that nice peppery look, as well as a limited color palette that is very saturated and bold. It is often times hard to look at traditional pieces and distinguish between the artist that created them, however Myke’s stylistic approach is very distinct which sets him apart from the pack and looks as if the tattoo was stickered onto the person.

Myke is already booked up solid until 2016, so I suggest checking out his upcoming tour dates to potentially get on that list which is limited and fills up quickly.


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